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And we don’t mean you – we mean your #1 client! Because ensuring your website is designed with your #1 client in mind is, hands down, THE most important element of a high-performing website.

Q: Who is your #1 client or customer?

A: If you answered ‘everyone’ – or couldn’t answer the question at all – you’ve got room for improvement!

This is one of the first questions Red Cloud Digital asks when we design or redesign a website. Websites that try to be all things to all people invariably fail, because their message and desired site visitor outcome is unclear. On the other hand, the best websites are designed with their ideal client or customer in mind and are clear about what they can do for that person.

If the purpose of your site isn’t immediately evident, it’s probably confusing to your visitors – and confusion equals lose of leads, sales or both.

Understanding your ideal client

It’s easy to avoid this trap by being very clear about your number #1 client. Where do they work? Do they own their own business, and if so, what products and services do they offer? What factors would influence their decision to buy or use your product or service, and how can you accommodate or cater to those?

Most importantly, what value do you offer your ideal customer? What does your product or service do for them, what need does it satisfy or problem does it solve? What does their life look like after you’ve solved their problem? When and where is your number #1 client likely to need your product or service? Seasonally? Weekly? On the way to work, at work, or when they are relaxing on the weekend?

Answering these questions will help you to define your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP (assuming you haven’t already). Your USP should be evident on your site, along with a clear call-to-action – that is, buy product A, or enquire about service B, etc.

Get clear

Being clear about the goals of your site and putting yourself in your #1 client’s shoes, is the best way to ensure that your site delivers exactly what your customers need or want.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a nosey at your competition’s site through your number #1 client’s perspective. It will help you to find ways to give your clients good reasons to choose your product or service over those offered by your competition.

Understanding your number #1 client will not only help to present your product or service offering in the best light but will also help you adopt the right tone to speak directly to your client’s needs. It will also help to ensure the overall experience your user has on the site is optimal – that they instantly feel as though are in the right place to get what they need, and can quickly do so.

The more focused you are on ensuring these elements are tailored to your ideal client or customer, the more effective your website will be – it’s as simple as that!

If you’re concerned about being too targeted, and potentially missing out on sales, DON’T BE. Seriously, what’s the point of focusing energy on traffic that doesn’t need your product or service? All that does is potentially confuse your ideal customer, and cost you sales anyway. You should focus on attracting the traffic that is looking for products or services that your business can deliver. This is the audience that will most likely convert to a lead or sale. (More about best-practice SEO for attracting the right audience here).

The bottom line

In the words of Google Analytics guru Stasia Kudrez, when it comes to your website: ‘It’s not enough to have an online brochure. Your website is a tool to grow your business. You need to have a goal for your site. You need to know what it is that’s supposed to happen, what it is that you want people to do.’ We would simply add: ‘You need to be clear on who those people are!’

So let’s try that again.

Q. Who is your number #1 client or customer?

A. We hope you have an answer other than ‘everyone’ now!

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