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When it comes to reaching your ideal clients there are more tools than you can poke a stick at. So many, in fact, it can be a confusing decision on which channels to focus on. Do you pay for advertising? Use social posts? Or send good old emails and newsletters to alert people of your offers?

These channels can all be effective under the right circumstance. One approach that all business owners can engage in is organic search engine optimisation (SEO).

“Hey wait, I thought you were talking about small tasks, not enormous ones like SEO?”
Well, I am. I’m talking about one of the many small tasks you can do that help improve your Google search returns in a big way.

One of the many small steps to reaching your ideal clients

One of the many tasks that can improve your website’s organic SEO is your Google My Business (GMB) profile. An up-to-date GMB profile is one of the many signals that Google uses when returning search results.
You’ll be glad to hear that this free profile has a simple-to-use set-up for adding in business details.

For big or for small business

Whether your business is small or large there are many wins to completing your GMB profile.
Your GMB profile is a hub of information featuring location details, opening hours and customer reviews.
Let’s take a look at those features.

1. Add a post

Adding a post to your GMB profile is one approach to reaching your ideal clients. Posts types include articles, offer, products, promotions, subscribe page or even an event.

Always write for your niche audience and make sure your language is engaging. Add a call-to-action that’s clever and meaningful.

Include eye-catching images. Make sure they’re no smaller than 250 x 250px. Images at 800 x 800px will reproduce well over all devices. Avoid text on your image where possible.

Posts stay live for seven days when they are then archived for future reference.

2. Your business info

Any business that has a large client base made up of locals will win big with these location details.

It’s not only a super-easy way for your ideal clients to find your location and get directions. It’s also a way to improve your local search return rankings on Google and Google maps.


List out your services and attract the right clients to your business. Choose from GMB’s list of services and get found for the specific services you offer.


Add your location (or manage many locations). Allow people to get directions to your business in one simple click. In addition, this information will also feed into searches on and Google Maps.

Service areas

Whether you operate in one location or worldwide, service areas lets people know whether your business is right for them.


No one wants to have clients turn up to buy something only to find the business closed. Updating opening hours via a website can be cumbersome.

From your GMB profile, you can set your opening hours all at once. Need to add in some public holidays? Irregular hours? You can log in on desktop or mobile anytime to add or update your business hours.


Add primary and extra phone numbers for your business. Correct international dialling codes are all listed in a neat dropdown menu.


Both a website URL and an appointment URL are available to add to all GMB profiles.

Services and products

Reaching your ideal clients is made easier by featuring curated products or services on your GMB profile. You can list a product or service item along with a description and price. (Note: product listings is in Beta phase and may not be available to all users).


Let consumers know what you do, who you do it for and how you can make their life better. Your description will be a qualifier in reaching your ideal clients.

Don’t forget to add the date you started your business.


Upload photos or videos to your GMB profile. Display products, services, team members, giveaways or other marketing information. Keep the photos fresh and relevant and increase engagement. There are no upload limits so go crazy.

3. Reviews

Reviews are a two-way direct conversation between you and your clients. By using the MB app – from Google Play or the App Store – you get instant access to read and respond to new reviews. Interacting directly with consumers increases your business profile and highlights its business values.

4. Website

Don’t have a website to promote? You can even create a website from within your GMB profile. A simple interface lets you create pages, add content and publish to the web all from within your browser.

5. Users

Don’t feel like you have to create or maintain your profile on your own. Invite other users in to help maintain and refresh your profile on a regular basis.

6. Advertising

Get more calls, visits or sign-ups by creating a Google ad using GMB. By using targeted ads your able to get your services in front of your ideal audience.

7. Insights

Discover more about reaching your ideal clients with GMB insights. See how they’re interacting with your profile, how people found you and where are they visiting from. See which photos are being viewed and what articles are being read. Stay informed and use insights to create a better performing profile.

Working alone and need some inspiration?

Short on content? Visit Small Thanks with Google and create great looking graphics, posters and stickers.

Get started on your finding your ideal clients

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