Nicole Watts

In another century Nicole worked on print projects as a graphic designer. She's now immersed in the digital world where she helps service professionals escape low-value clients. Licorice allsorts may also be involved.

woman superhero reaching ideal clients

Reaching your ideal clients with Google My Business

When it comes to reaching your ideal clients there are more tools than you can poke a stick at. So many, in fact, it can be a confusing decision on which channels to focus on. Do you pay for advertising? Use social posts? Or build a database for good old emails and newsletters?

How well do you know your social media?

While there’s no doubt being active on the larger social media platforms can be beneficial for your brand or message, the social media reach for your business could be enhanced by spending time and energy on smaller, more niche social media websites, so take a look around and see what might work for you.

Good design is everything

Good design needs to be both good looking and functional; this cabin is not only beautiful, it’s quick to build and is totally portable (it’s actually on wheels).

New ARC website launches

Red Cloud is pleased to announce the launch of our new website for the Australasian Registrars Committee (ARC). The ARC is a non-profit professional association of those responsible for, or interested in, the management of cultural heritage collections. 

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