10 Reasons why we use WordPress to build our sites

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Launched in 2003, WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that powers more than 74 million websites around the world.

We use WordPress to build our websites for our clients and we love it! Here’s why:

1. It’s flexible and expandable

No matter how small or complex your site, (or how big you plan to be), WordPress can expand to meet your needs. Whether it’s a small brochure-style website or a multi-function, membership-based online store, WordPress can handle it all.

2. It’s responsive

Perhaps the biggest change to the way we view websites in the past few years is viewing them on smart phones and tablets. WordPress is able to help you optimise your site for all devices so your users get a great experience on your site no matter what device they are using. (Oh, and Google will love you for this, they will – all other things being equal – rank your responsive site above a competitor that is not responsive).

3. Search engines love it

The default structure of all WordPress websites means they are easily crawled by search engine, the easier the ‘crawl’, the better the search ranking of your content.

4. It’s fully customisable

Because of it’s popularity there are literally thousands of plug-ins that add functionality to sites. You name the functionality you need and someone has probably thought of a solution.

5. Simple to use

Give or take, the default layout and structure of back-end of WordPress is the same across sites. If you have experience working on a particular WordPress site, you can easily transfer your skills to a new site. Easy to get to know, the back-end structure is simple and based on WYSIWYG principles.

6. Easy to find developers

For a number of reasons you may need to shift from one web team to another. Sourcing a new team and transferring your site is a very simple process. You need never be without a WordPress team to support your business.

7. Schedule content to publish when you want

As part of the in-built functionality WordPress helps you manage your publishing schedule like a pro. Move posts from drafts to scheduled, then for automatic publishing at the time of your choosing, which allows you to maximise your readership numbers.

8. 3rd party integration

Running an online business often involves processes like connecting up databases, newsletters, payment gateways, event management and social media tools. WordPress easily manages 3rd party integration seamlessly.

9. You can build a community

WordPress can easily handle secure zones and private client and customer information. You can easily section-off parts of your website for the general public and others for your clients and customers. You can create the community you want.

10. WordPress keeps on improving

As more and more developers choose WordPress for their Content Management System needs, more features and functionality are developed. The sky’s the limit for your website and your online business activities.

Red Cloud can build you a brand new site for you in WordPress or we can transfer your existing non-WordPress site to WordPress.

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